Enabling Resources for the Development of Corporate Training

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Teaching users how to navigate unfamiliar software in the course of their job is a popular application of training. ToolBook is a very powerful authoring system for producing Performance-Based Software simulations.



This lesson explains the concepts behind Performance—Based Software Simulations and the model used in Toolbook to accomplish the desired interactions to facilitate one type of popular instructional design.

Simulation Design and Methodology

This lesson illustrates some of the finer aspects of using the Toolbook Software Simulation editor.

Simulation Editor Tips and Tricks

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Software Simulation



This lesson explains the basic foundation and paradigm the Simulation Editor was built upon.

Basic Concepts of the ToolBook Simulation Editor


Consistent writing style for all e Learning applications is important.  Here is an example of a very thorough style guide used in a project.

Simulation Writing Style Guide

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SmartSim for ToolBook Instructor 9 is an integrated set of ToolBook templates for creating software application training by utilizing interactive simulations.

SmartSim for ToolBook Instructor 9

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